Academic Services

Thesis checking. Diacritics. Reports Check. Article Check. Research Check.

Research Check

Ensure that the search content is free from errors, in addition to that the ideas are linked.

Article Check

“Tasweeb” will check all articles of all kinds to ensure that the article is correct and linguistically sound, according to the Arabic language grammar.

Reports Check

“Tasweeb” makes sure that the report is perfect and that the theme and conclusion are clearly interlinked.


What distinguishes each text and every phrase found in the text is Diacritics, so “Tasweeb” was keen to provide this service.

Thesis checking

The formatting of the editorial pages, the title page, the signature, the closing pages, the annexes and the indexes, improves the wording of the thesis content. “Tasweeb” provides this service without changing the basic idea of the writer.
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